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Equipment Support Ltd - Somersham, near Cambridge

Founded in 1991 by David Wastell and Duncan Rhead, ESC initially provided service support to the semiconductor industry.

The business soon started to carry out upgrades on older PVD systems which progressed into designing and building its own PVD solutions, a service which continues to date.

During subsequent years, ESC expanded into all types of vacuum processing including E beam evaporators, environmental chambers, vacuum furnaces and paralyne coaters. Developing solutions for a wide range of industries around the world.

A strategic company merger in 2007 with D Williams Electrical, enabled ESC to expand into the controls and automation business. This increased portfolio of solutions has allowed ESC to move into the Food Processing and Packing industry, delivering automation systems and Vision control solutions.

Today, ESC continues to offer end-to-end service and support to 3rd party equipment of manufacturers from outside the UK.

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