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Equipment Support - High Voltage Test Systems - Rapid Pulse

Rapid Pulse

We have worked with many customers, helping them to overcome their challenging needs. From designing and building variable amplitude and pulse width systems with shaped waves and secondary current pulses elevated on the high voltage. To systems with control voltages up to 750KV and with pulse rates of hundreds of hertz.

If you have a unique requirement our engineers would be happy to discuss this with you.

Equipment Support - High Voltage Control

Control Systems

ESC design new control solutions for existing high voltage applications, incorporating newer, more efficient power supplies, extending the capabilities of the system.

ESC can also design and certify safety systems for either new requirements or review and update existing systems.

Equipment Support - High Voltage Enclosure

Enclosures & Safe Access Systems

Our benchtop high-voltage enclosures and safe access systems can be manufactured to one of our tried and tested designs or to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

These systems can be used in normal atmosphere, under vacuum, near atmosphere or temperature and environment controlled enclosures.

Built to ESC C.O.T.S. design or to customer print. These acrylic enclosures are designed for voltages up to 50kv.

Equipment Support - Mobile Test Systems

Mobile Test Equipment

We have been involved in the design of a number of bespoke high-voltage mobile systems such as HV DC switch bank and inverter systems which have been used around the world to test various high voltage systems.

Our team of specialist engineers would be happy to discuss your unique requirements.

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