Sputtering Systems

944 Sputter System

Sputtering is the ideal method to deposit stoichiometric conformal coatings. Widely used in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Our systems are ideal for coating a wide range of substrates including silicon, glass and plastics.

Our deep heritage in Sputtering systems has led us to design a number of our own standard batch designs, R&D systems and bespoke units developed for a number of specific needs.

Standard Systems

Our standard Sputtering systems range from 2-8 cathodes and from 1” round to 18” rectangular, with the option of larger target areas upon request.

All the systems we produce as standard will have a load-lock.

We can offer etch facilities either in main chamber or load-lock.

Upgrade Performance

At our build and test facility in Cambridgeshire, we have upgraded and maintained a number of third party systems from MRC & KDF to ensure improved performance and an extended life cycle of the machine.


Over the years we have worked with a variety of clients from a number of industries including: semiconductor, space, optical, automotive, aerospace, military, nuclear, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, fusion, research & development.

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