Thermal & E-Gun Evaporation

Equipment Support - Vacuum Systems

ESC has developed an in-depth level of knowledge on evaporation systems. We have designed and produced our own systems either based around our R&D systems or developed completely new solutions for very specific needs, utilising thermal, e-beam or a mixture.

Each system is supplied with bespoke software used for process control, recipe handling and data logging. And unique sample holders are developed with the end user for complete control and ease of use.

System Features

Our standard evaporators are designed in a box configuration from 500x500mm – 750x750mm (or larger on request).

Cylindrical chambers available on request.

Heated and water-cooled chambers.

Load lock (to increase throughput and cleanliness of the system) or non-load lock options as standard.

Upgrade Performance

At our build and test facility in Cambridgeshire, we have upgraded and maintained a number of third-party systems to improve performance and extend the machine life cycle.


Over the years we have worked with clients from the following industries: semi conductor, space, optical, automotive, aerospace, military, nuclear, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, fusion, research & development.

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